Algrano Peanuts was founded in 2012 in West Texas with a focus on creating new Hi Oleic peanut seed varieties tailored to the West Texas and International markets.

Algrano stepped into the edible market shortly after it was founded and began supplying Hi Oleic Organic and Conventional peanut varieties across North America as well as Internationally. With quality as our main focus; we obtained our first SQF Food Safety Certificate in 2015, while upholding our Organic Certificate since 2014.

We take pride in providing the highest quality product to our customers. We do this by inspecting our product through every stage; from the farms our peanuts are grown in, to the moment it arrives at our customers door.


Food Safety and Quality is the foundation at Algrano. We apply it throughout our entire process chain. From the farms our peanuts are grown in, to our customers front door. We understand the importance of quality and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. At Algrano, we empower all the hands that come in contact with our peanuts. To make quality and food safety decisions. We know that without total commitment, we wouldnt be able to meet and exceed our customers expectations. Leading our food safety and quality department is Sarah Hickey. Sarah leads the department by ensuring our product meets all regulations. She adheres to FSMA, SQF, and APSA trade standards. Ensuring our facilities and product remains in compliance. Her educational background includes BS in Industrial Management + Applied Engineering and is currently finishing up her MS in Quality Engineering.


Sales / General Manager

Jeffrey Lollar


Jim Greogry

Quality Assurance

Sarah Hickey

Plant Manager

Cody Wade


Dylan Wann

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Main Office


PO Box 18

Bledsoe TX 79314

Phone: (806) 525-4370

Email: jeffrey.lollar@algranopeanuts.com

Portales Location


326 South Rosevelt Rd

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