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Our peanut plants are raised with the final product in mind. We partner with farmers who use the most efficient equipment which yields the best quality end-product for our customers. We don’t work with less than excellence to ensure the best organic peanut in the world.


Our staff is trained to have a keen eye. Even after running our peanuts through our state-of-the-art equipment for grading, we make sure any minor imperfections don’t slip through the cracks. This creates a better end-product for consumers everywhere.


We store and prepare our organic peanuts in temperature controlled and heavily monitored environments to prepare for shipment. This level of care ensures that our product reaches the delivery location in the best quality possible for our manufacturing partners to do what they do best.

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We provide our manufacturers across the globe with a high-quality proven product. Our processes are tailored to eliminate inefficiencies in farming, production, and shipping all while keeping our product at the height of production numbers and that Algrano quality so many have come to love.

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We at Algrano Peanut Shelling work hard to provide our manufacturing partners with the best quality peanuts and shelled products. We want our customers, both in North America as well as internationally, to see that we are committed not only on making their desired product but also by being a reliable supplier who cares about providing excellent customer service.